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PSFA.fad: Known Issues, Release History & Change Log

Release History and Change Log
Known Issues and Status

Current Version (Initial production release) Released: 6/25/2019

Pre-Release FORK (released April 2019)
Alpha release (released Feb 2019)
Dev version (Sep 2017-Feb 2019)
Issue Log
Contributor / Module / Issue:
Hill, J. / 2 /Assessors should not make determination for a building with respect to its contribution to NMCI; set this feature to default to YES and disable changing it for the assessor role. FIXED

Hill, J. / 2 /Assessors only split systems horizontally - that is assuming 100% of the system has been renovated if they have observation, they will flag the submission, but not perform a vertical split - that is done by the FAD Admin. Included for documentation purposes only. FIXED

Hill, J. / 2 /Change override option of assessor form to Normal (indicating an age-based weight only) instead of "N/A". FIXED

Hill, J. / 10 /Include link to PDF version of the assessor form. (Print to PDF within browser) - AS DESIGNED

Hill, J. / 2 /Include a link to signify to FAD Admin that a particular submission is ready for processing. (Flagged View and email link on submission configuration) - WILL FIX

Casias, M / 7 /Fix the "Search by school ID or name function in EA Module, try to include a ID/Name drop down list pre-populated or some other reference. - FIXED

PSFA.fad was developed by the NM-PSFA Information Systems Department
Kerry Gray, Chief of Information Systems and Technology